Anuradha Mahapatra

Another Spring, Darkness

translated by Paramita Banerjee and Carolyne Wright


In a darkness like spring poems, folktales

                        and vanished cats,

trucks parked by the garage. Today,

                        grime and the poet Tulsi Das

are the gods of the garage. A rat today,

looking into the face of the night, the storm,

                        the book and bat, wants to leap across

this darkness.  But the boy – blackened by

the deaf smell of spring blossoms – wants

                        to dunk God

in gasoline and haul him out again. The rat,

still without memories, circles around the gasoline,

gnawing at the desolate spring blossoms,

                        the poet Tulsi Das, and darkness.

Anuradha Mahapatra

Anuradha Mahapatra was born in the Medinipur district of West Bengal: a dry, upland, remote region, and one of the least developed in the state.  She completed an M.A. in Bengali Literature from Calcutta University in 1981, the first woman in her family to obtain higher education.  Her first book, Chaiphulstup (Ash Flower Heap) appeared in 1983; a second volume, Adhibas Manikarnika (Bereavement of the Wedding Fast), was published in 1990.
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