Paisley Rekdal

Mae West: Advice

Better to evoke drool, to vent, retort; better
to banter than ebb, be a kook’s revel or bee in the beret  
than a bored tart. Bare those orbs! Rob those barons! To bait
boys, better be a lewd Lorelei than dowdy hetero
drone. Don a boa, take a bow, take a lover, take a toke. Do it
over and over. (And yet beware the ovary not bear
a baby batter overdose!) Better to be Lotto than Keno, blotto on vino,
have one’s bed-vite written by bard than botanist. Better to be boned
than bones. Oath, hath Saint Tits bit it? Never! Never! Never! Never!
Better to be relevant yet wildly irreverent; to wrest
away the old line throne than rest on tenterhooks. Better to be
than not to. To overtake, not be overtook.
Hen to the rooster, tooth to the dentist?
Always better to be looked over, than overlooked.

Paisley Rekdal

 Paisley   Rekdal  Paisley Rekdal is the author of a book of essays, The Night My Mother Met Bruce Lee, and three books of poetry, A Crash of Rhinos, Six Girls Without Pants, and The Invention of the Kaleidoscope.
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