The American Poetry Review is dedicated to reaching a worldwide audience with a diverse array of the best contemporary poetry and literary prose. APR also aims to expand the audience interested in poetry and literature, and to provide authors, especially poets, with a far-reaching forum in which to present their work.


The American Poetry Review is a 501©(3) non-profit corporation. Tax-deductible contributions are needed and welcome. Our annual Friends of APR campaign and The Publisher’s Circle support the operating budget of the magazine.  For more information about the Friends campaign, The Publisher’s Circle, or other forms of contribution to APR, or to receive a copy of the organization’s most recent IRS 990 form, please contact: David Bonanno, The American Poetry Review, 320 S. Broad St, Hamilton #313, Philadelphia, PA 19102.


The American Poetry Review was founded by Stephen Berg in 1972 in Philadelphia. By developing efficient, inexpensive production methods and a distribution network that combined newsstands, bookstores, and subscriptions, it became the most widely circulated poetry magazine in the U.S. within the first five years of publication. In the 1970’s, APR established a reputation for publishing a broad range of material: interviews, literary essays and essays on social issues, translations, fiction, reviews, and poetry by the most distinguished authors, by writers working in new forms of contemporary literature, by younger poets now at the center of American poetry, and by writers from other cultures.

APR has continued uninterrupted publication of The American Poetry Review since 1972, and has included the work of over 1,500 writers, among whom there are nine Nobel Prize laureates and thirty-three Pulitzer Prize winners.



Stephen Berg, Editor                       sberg@aprweb.org

David Bonanno, Editor                    dbonanno@aprweb.org

Mike Duffy, Business Manager      duffym@aprweb.org

Elizabeth Scanlon, Editor                escanlon@aprweb.org




The American Poetry Review publishes original poetry, literary criticism, interviews, and essays. Please observe the following guidelines when submitting manuscripts for consideration.

  • Manuscripts should be typewritten or computer-printed, on white, 8 ½ ” x 11” paper.
  • Manuscripts should be addressed to “The Editors” and mailed to The American Poetry Review, 320 S. Broad St., Hamilton #313, Philadelphia, PA 19102. Do not send manuscripts by fax or e-mail.
  • Please do not send previously published material.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope for our reply. No reply will be made to unaccepted manuscripts that are not accompanied by a SASE.  We will not respond via e-mail.
  • Keep a copy of your manuscript and record the date you sent it.
  • Our reporting time is approximately three months. We will inform you of our decision. Please do not inquire about the status of your submission unless more than three months have passed.
  • Copyright: APR holds first serial rights for material that we publish. The copyright automatically reverts to the author upon publication. We do not require that material be copyrighted prior to submission.


2014 Print Advertising Schedule & Rates

Circulation: 5,000-8,000
Frequency: Bimonthly
Type: Newsprint tabloid
Trim size: 10.5 x 14.5 inches
Format: Two or three columns per page. Random placement.

Mechanical requirements:

  • Electronic: PDF files only. Ads must be correctly sized with all fonts embedded. Type 1 fonts are strongly recommended. Art for black & white ads must be gray scale.  Please do not include crop marks or ID slugs in the PDF. E-mail PDF to Mike Duffy at duffym@aprweb.org.
  • Hard copy: Camera-ready copy only. Art must be in place and screened at 85 lines.
  • General: Background screens should be 15% to 20% of black. We recommend that advertisers avoid fine type, especially if the type is reversed (white on black), and dark or low-contrast art.
    Note: APR is printed on newsprint using a cold, web-offset process. Dot gain = 30%.

Contact: Mike Duffy,  Tel: 215-717-6803; E-mail: duffym@aprweb.org.


Publishers’ Rates: (Includes books, magazines, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.)
Space Price

Width x Depth

Full page

$950 (Black & White)

$1,350 (Color)

9-1/2” x 13”
2/3 page $720 6-1/4” x 13”
Junior page $575 6-1/4” x 9-1/2”
1/2 page vert. $575 4-1/2” x 13”
1/2 page horiz. $575 9-1/2” x 6-1/4”
1/3 page tall $440 4-1/2” x 9-1/2”
1/3 page sq. $440 6-1/4” x 6-1/4”
1/3 page horiz. $440 9-1/2” x 4”
1/4 page $310 4-1/2” x 6-1/4”
1/4 page horiz. $310 9-1/2” x 3”
1/6 page $220 4-1/2” x 4”
1/6 page wide $220 6-1/4” x 3”
1/8 page $175 4-1/2” x 3”
Full column $400 3” x 13”
3/4 column $310 3” x 9-1/2”
2/3 column $285 3” x 8-1/2”
1/2 column $220 3” x 6-1/4”
1/3 column $165 3” x 4”
1/4 column $130 3” x 3”
1/6 column $88 3” x 2”
1/8 column $68 3” x 1-1/2”

One inch



3” x 1”

Payment: Payment is due in full within 30 days of publication. Advertisers outside the U.S.A. must pay in advance. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express cards.
Frequency discounts: Advertisers who place two or more ads of a similar size in a contract year earn discounts as follows: Two ads = 5%. Three ads = 7-1/2%. Four ads = 10%. Five ads = 15%. Six or more ads = 20%. A contract year is defined as six consecutive issues. Ads may be combined in a single issue.
Cash discounts: 5% for advance payment, i.e. payment received with ad copy or by the copy due date.  No refunds will be issued for prepaid ads.
Commissions: Recognized advertising agencies receive 15% of the net space price.
Cancellations: Space cancellations may not be accepted after the closing date. No refunds will be issued for prepaid ads that are canceled.
Ad content: The American Poetry Review reserves the right to reject advertising or request changes in content if the advertising does not conform to the standards of The American Poetry Review.
Issue On Sale Closing Copy Due
Jan/Feb 2014 Jan 1, 2014 Dec 2, 2013 Dec 6, 2013
March/April 2014 March 1, 2014 Jan 27, 2014 Jan 31, 2014
May/June 2014 May 1, 2014 March 24, 2014 March 28, 2014
July/Aug 2014 July 1, 2014 May 27, 2014 May 30, 2014
Sept/Oct 2014 Sept 1, 2014 July 21, 2014 July 25, 2014
Nov/Dec 2014 Nov 1, 2014 Sept 22, 2014 Sept 26, 2014