Donald Revell

There are two skies but one hawk only

There are good days

And now that rain has filled the waste spaces

There is another


I have begun to learn in sleep that sleep

Plummets from the skies and makes

A screaming sound becoming solid

Becoming sapphires


The moon is hawk of the waste spaces

Screaming through his eyes


I had a good day and then another

I was married to mountains on all sides of me

The roads made Christmas very early

Mother sang to her hat same color as the car

Found In Volume 39, No. 03
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Donald Revell
About the Author

Donald Revell is the author of eight collections of poetry, including Arcady (Wesleyan, 2002), winner of the PEN Center USA Award, and My Mojave (Alice James, 2003), winner of the Lenore Marshall Prize from the Academy of American Poets.  His most recent book is Pennyweight Windows: New and Selected Poems (Alice James, 2005).