Nicole Sealey
Object Permanence

                          (for John)



We wake as if surprised the other is still there,

each petting the sheet to be sure.


How have we managed our way

to this bed—beholden to heat like dawn


indebted to light. Though we’re not so self-

important as to think everything


has led to this, everything has led to this.

There’s a name for the animal


love makes of us—named, I think,

like rain, for the sound it makes.


You are the animal after whom other animals

are named. Until there’s none left to laugh,


days will start with the same startle

and end with caterpillars gorged on milkweed.


O, how we entertain the angels

with our brief animation. O,


how I’ll miss you when we’re dead. 







Found In Volume 44, No. 02
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Nicole Sealey
About the Author

Born in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. and raised in Apopka, Florida, Nicole Sealey is a Cave Canem graduate fellow and the recipient of a 2014 Elizabeth George Foundation Grant.