Dorothea Lasky

It’s like the world went wild

Wild with me

And I couldn’t stop it anymore

I was a really good poet

But more than that

I wanted you to not have to

Eat the pigs with the other ones

Baby honey baby

When I think of your head and breastbone

I go wild

You wear the red necklace

And I sweat sweat on the pavement

Still I think I will take the crushing pain

To whatever narrative

The men talk of

Whatever thing they mean

Means fire

I think I will wake and walk

And walk with you

Until they put me under

Until they put me under

I will cross the blue forest

With only you on my mind

Dumb spirit

Only you on my mind

You made me dumb

When I had only you on my mind

So I took the red necklace

Dumb spirit

There there

Always always always always

Always always always

Always on my mind

Found In Volume 43, No. 05
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Dorothea Lasky
About the Author

Dorothea Lasky is the author of Awe, Black Life, and Thunderbird. Her newest book is Rome. She is an assistant professor at Columbia University.